How Much Does a Private Cruise Cost: The Surprising Affordability of Yacht Events

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When one hears about a ‘private cruise, they often think of a luxury trip, where millionaires drink cocktails and sail around tropical islands on a cruise ship. Many end up thinking that these vacations are reserved for the ultra-rich. However, the reality is that yacht charters are far more affordable than you might think! You don’t have to be fabulously wealthy just to rent a yacht and celebrate out at sea.

SingYacht is a provider of affordable luxury yachts. With a fleet of 19 different yachts, we cater to various group sizes and preferences. Our mission is to provide you with accessible yacht holidays that turn into unforgettable experiences!

Find out more about the types of yachts we have to offer.

Types of yachts

When planning a vacation, the cost can vary significantly depending on the type of yacht. There are three categories of boats: Catamarans, Monohulls, and Superyachts, which each offer distinct experiences and accommodate various group sizes.


Catamaran sailing yachts, affordable yacht charter pricing in Singapore

A Catamaran is a type of yacht that has two hulls, giving it excellent balance and staving off seasickness. The spacious deck makes it ideal for larger groups that might want to conduct social activities and parties that take up plenty of room.

Sunrider Catamaran, Charter Yacht Pricing, affordable charter yachts

Starting at $699 is the Sunrider; one of our most affordable yachts! The boat holds up to 16 guests plus our skipper and crew, and is perfect for a small afternoon outing. We offer a galley with a fridge and microwave, an air-conditioned cabin, a karaoke system with 10,000 songs, and equipment for water activities, such as floating mats, stand-up paddles, snorkel kits, and fishing rods!

You and your party guests can enjoy 4 hours of fun with this package. Hourly extensions cost extra, with a minimum period of 2 hours, and you can rent our BBQ pit to cook on deck and enjoy a charcoal-grilled meal while out at sea!


, How Much Does a Private Cruise Cost: The Surprising Affordability of Yacht Events

Monohull yachts are the most typical type of yacht, and are ideal for guests who want a yacht vacation that’s focused on the act of sailing. Our monohull rentals focus on providing plenty of water activities, and are highly customisable. There are tailored packages such as city skyline tours and island cruises, making it a perfect fit for the more adventurous.

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The Why Knot 1 is a luxury yacht that starts from $999 for a 4-hour weekday rental period. It takes up to 20 guests and comes with a karaoke system, multiple cabins, and plenty of water toys like floats and kayaks. BBQ packages are available on request, and we offer fishing rods as add-on rentals. This monohull yacht is the perfect boat for you, if you want to visit far-off locations like St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island, or set sail for a sunset trip and admire the city skyline.


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Finally, we have Superyachts, the luxury option that provides an unmatched sailing experience. These larger yachts are perfect for guests who want to host big parties, VIP events, or weddings. Live in the lap of luxury for an evening and sail atop our largest yachts, while an experienced crew helps facilitate your voyage.

Premium charter yacht with onboard amenities

The Star Of The Sea is the crown jewel of our fleet at Singyacht. This 4-storey, 128ft Superyacht starts at $5850 for 10 guests, but can house up to 50 guests at an additional cost. If it’s being used for a dockside party instead of a sailing trip, it can house up to 120 passengers.

As the largest Superyacht available for charter in Singapore, we offer:

  • A full galley for private chefs to make use of.
  • Indoor dining areas for 12-16 guests.
  • A giant flybridge that can hold dozens of guests.
  • An entertainment floor with movies and karaoke booths.
  • An outdoor jacuzzi with an ocean view.
  • A complete set of water toys.

This massive range of onboard facilities is sure to create the cruise of a lifetime. Additional expenses and amenities such as a jet ski, private chefs, and free-flow alcohol are available upon enquiry.

Catering to a Diverse Audience With Tailored Packages

Evening Entertainment on Yachts, unique yacht charter destination

With the huge range of activities and amenities that our yachts offer, you’re sure to find one suited for your needs. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, or a wedding package, our fleet can be tailored to your specifications. Simply make an enquiry with the details of your event, and we can recommend the perfect yacht for the job. Whether it’s a sun-soaked family holiday or a team-building corporate retreat, there are packages and services designed to fulfil every need.

Transparent and Customer-Centric Pricing at Singyacht

Charter yacht: how much does it cost?

Our yacht charter price structure is highly competitive, and we make sure to declare all costs upfront, or through enquiries. Our yacht fleet has individual prices listed on each page, and our regular promotions keep costs even more affordable. By working closely with you, we create tailored cruise packages that stay within your budget while providing novel experiences out at sea. Our goal is to cater to budget-conscious individuals without compromising the high-end, luxurious experience that private cruising is known for.

For anyone considering a private yacht charter, our ongoing promotions may offer valuable savings opportunities. We also have a guide to yacht booking, in order to help you make the perfect choice. If you’re interested in booking a private cruise or inquiring about current deals and discounts, reach out to us directly! Our experienced team stands at the ready to deliver a cruise experience that balances luxury and value.