5 Team Building Activities on a Yacht: Boost Morale on High Seas

Spend your time on corporate eventsWhen the daily grind of office life starts to become monotonous, it can help to find an innovative way to refresh your team and raise their spirits. Corporate Retreats offer a unique experience for employees, allowing them to enjoy valuable bonding time and team-building opportunities away from the workplace. Hosting such events on our luxury yachts at SingYachts guarantees an extraordinary experience, blending leisure with opportunities for team development.

SingYachts provides an exceptional fleet of affordable luxury vessels, catering to a wide range of corporate needs. Whether it’s a small, intimate team, or a larger, more vibrant event for the entire department, our diverse selection of vessels sets the perfect scene for any corporate retreat.

Dynamic Team Bonding Activities on Board

Being on a yacht gives your the opportunity to enjoy activities that you can’t do anywhere else. Here are some fun team building cruise ideas that you and your colleagues can enjoy while sailing across the high seas!

Water Sports and Boating

Jet Ski rental and water sports with SingYachts

Imagine the collective excitement of your team as you row through the waves or take part in other boating activities! From jet skiing to kayaking, these activities not only provide an adrenaline rush, but also foster teamwork and communication. You can race with your colleagues in friendly competitions, or simply enjoy a relaxing kayak trip together, creating bonds and memories that are sure to last.

While many of our yachts have kayaks included with the rental fees, Jetskis and additional kayaks for larger groups will be available with additional costs. Be sure to check these prices when selecting a yacht, or contact us for more information.

Lunch at Sea

A group of people sitting around a table with food on a boat

Enjoy a delightful afternoon banquet on tranquil blue waters, with a clear sky overhead! Having lunch onboard our yachts allows you to bask in the serene ambience of the open ocean, while sharing a meal with your team. Whether it’s a gourmet BBQ on deck or a luxurious buffet spread, this is the perfect opportunity for team members to relax, converse, and enjoy each other’s company while off the clock.

BBQ Pit Rental and additional food catering may cost extra, depending on your choice of yacht. Take a much-needed break from the office, and feast to your heart’s content.

Team Building Cruises

Building team spirit with themed challenges

Take advantage of the unique environment aboard a yacht, and plan out fun team building activities! The best team building activities are those that are tailored specifically to your team’s dynamics and objectives. Our yacht sets the stage for you to conduct the activities that you know will be most effective for your group. Our experienced crew is on hand to assist you if needed, helping to facilitate your plans for the whole team.

Whether you’re splitting your party into multiple teams to play games, having a meeting among the team leaders, or taking part in team building challenges, having it aboard a boat is sure to be a novel experience.

Island Exploring

Visiting Southern Islands on yachts, fun activities like scavenger hunts

Take advantage of our yachts and explore Singapore’s Southern Islands! Lazarus Island and St. John’s Island are lesser-visited locations, hidden away from the mainland. It’s a perfect backdrop for a relaxing corporate event.

Enjoy an adventurous team outing, where members can discover hidden beaches, engage in nature walks, or simply enjoy the tranquility of a secluded spot. You can focus on team-centric activities, and enjoy a fun game like a scavenger hunt or team sports. Exploring islands together offers a chance for team members to bond over new experiences and create shared memories away from the bustle of the city.

Evening Entertainment

Evening Entertainment on Yachts

After a day filled with team-building fun, an evening of entertainment awaits. You and your colleagues can unwind with lower-intensity activities such as dinner, drinks, or karaoke. This casual atmosphere is ideal for the team to relax and reminisce about fond memories of boating, winning team games, having delicious meals, and growing closer to each other.

With on-board amenities such as karaoke machines, our yachts transform into the perfect venue for evening entertainment. Prepare yourself for a relaxed evening of cocktails and music under the stars, as you celebrate the end of a great vacation!

Customisable Corporate Packages

Team building activities you can do on a yacht

As a team leader, holding a company retreat can be a complicated affair. SingYachts stands at the ready to help you plan the perfect team holiday with our tailored packages. Each company has its distinct culture and objectives, and our yacht rentals offer the flexibility to customise your team building event to your desired specifications.
Whether organising an intimate gathering for a small team, or a grand corporate function, our affordable luxury yachts are the way to go. With our transparent pricing and ongoing promotions, you’re sure to get the best value without any hidden costs. We’re offering up to 5% instant discounts for yacht rentals, so book today!

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