Exclusive Yachts for events
Sea breeze, sun-kissed skin, and the calming waves of the ocean—doesn’t this sound like a perfect dream vacation? If you’re looking for a new experience with your family, friends, and even workmates but are tired of the usual land venues for events, you might want to consider experiencing luxury while on a charter yacht. But you might be thinking, why choose a yacht over a cruise ship? Let’s break down the key differences between the two and find out which can offer a luxury private experience.

What Do Yachts Have To Offer?

There are a number of key differences between yachts and cruise ships. Unlike their larger counterparts, charter yachts offer a unique blend of intimacy, flexibility, and exclusivity that cater perfectly to smaller gatherings. This makes them an ideal setting for friends, families, and workmates seeking a memorable and private celebration at sea.

Intimate Setting

Yacht charter guests and crew members

A Cruise ship has more passengers, and you’ll be sharing your trip with countless other families. On the other hand, a yacht is smaller, and thus more intimate and private than a cruise ship. You won’t need to compete with a large group or crowd; the only people on board will be those that you invite, as well as our trusty crew. The crew to guest ratio of a yacht is another major advantage, as this allows the professional crew to give passengers an increased level of focus and availability.

Charter yachts are ideal for friend-focused celebrations and smaller social occasions. At Sing Yacht, this private experience also includes enjoyable activities such as sunset dinners, yacht parties, BBQs at sea, and even water activities like jet skiing and kayaking.

Sing Yachts has charter yachts good for 10-30 people, providing a personalised experience for a close-knit group of guests.

Improved Flexibility and Lower Commitment

Improved flexibility with privately owned Luxury Yacht charters

A luxury yacht charter also offers much more flexibility and lower commitment when compared to cruise ships. Unlike in a cruise ship, there’s no need to account for the rest of the guests. The entire getaway can be catered to your group, allowing for a personalised experienced with no fixed itinerary and destinations based on passenger preferences. As opposed to cruise ships with fixed schedules and strict timelines, you can reschedule your departure times and remain flexible when necessary.

With Sing Yachts, bookings can extend to half-day/full-day charters. Guests can also stay aboard past midnight hours with certain rental packages. Sing Yacht also allows guests to reschedule their yachting to another date of their choice, in the event of wet weather or emergency circumstances. A cruise ship can’t delay the whole trip for a handful of passengers, but a yacht certainly can.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Affordable Private Yacht vs Cruise

Renting a private yacht for an exclusive event can be surprisingly cost-effective, especially when considering the luxury experience it offers. The pricing flexibility of yacht charters make them more affordable than cruises and they can fit a range of budgets depending on the boat you choose.

With Sing Yacht, the destinations you sail to and amenities you choose can be tailor-fitted to the preferences of your sailing companions, whether they’re friends, family, or colleagues. Apart from providing excellent service, Sing Yacht is also transparent with its pricing and has no hidden booking fees. It has the lowest prices in the yachting industry with its variety of promotional offers and discounts throughout the year. Unlike most yachts and cruise ships, Sing Yacht pricing is more rewarding as it offers luxury yacht experience at a cheaper cost.

The open ocean also awaits guests who are looking to explore the Singapore coastline. Sing Yacht offers City Skyline tours and sailing trips to different islands, like Saint John’s Island and Lazarus Island South of Singapore.

Set Sail With Sing Yachts for an Unforgettable Experience

Enjoy the Luxury yachting industry alongside Singyacht

While they may be luxurious, cruise ships are no match for a yacht vacation in terms of flexibility and intimacy. A yacht getaway is the best way to relax with a small group and enjoy various activities while having your vacation needs catered to specifically.

Sing Yachts is a trustworthy provider of private yacht charter services, with a large fleet of different boats to choose from. From weddings, and family getaways, to company events, we’re sure to have the perfect boat to accommodate your desired escapade! Contact Sing Yachts today and learn more about our services.