Yacht clubs in Singapore: Best Marinas for Yachting

Singapore is a global yachting hub, home to a variety of world-class Yacht clubs that offer something for everyone. From the luxurious One°15 Marina Club to the Marina at Keppel Bay and the Raffles Marina. There are number of sailing clubs in Singapore that are perfect for private Yacht charters.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Singapore’s premier Yacht Clubs, highlighting their unique features and offerings. This is where you board the rented Yacht or the place your Yacht Charter begins.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor renting a bareboat to drive yourself or simply looking to enjoy a tranquil day on the water with the family by renting a yacht, you’re sure to find the perfect marina in Singapore for your next yachting adventure.

A gateway to Yacht Charters in Singapore

Unleash your inner luxury with a Yacht Charter in Singapore with some of the best yachting marinas in Singapore:

One°15 Marina Club

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is a prestigious private marina & yacht club located within Sentosa Cove, a premium residential district in Singapore. It’s one of the best Yacht clubs for Yacht rentals in Singapore.

Built to the Platinum Gold Anchor standard—the highest internationally-subscribed marina standards—set by The Yacht Harbour Association and Marina Industries Association, the marina has been in operation since 2007 and has been accredited Superyacht Ready in 2022 for a more luxury yachting experience.

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove has also been named International Marina of the Year consecutively in 2022 and 2023 and Best Asian Marina of the Year seven times since its opening.

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore, is a waterfront lifestyle destination offering world-class marina facilities replete with a comprehensive range of exclusive club amenities. From the infinity pool, fitness centre, members’ lounge, modern spa, restaurants and bars, to the 26 tastefully appointed rooms with spectacular views, no effort has been spared to make your time here an absolute pleasure.

One°15 Marina Club is also home to a variety of world-class amenities, including a fully equipped boatyard, a fuel dock, and a concierge service. Whether you’re looking to dock your yacht for a few days or simply enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the marina’s many restaurants, One°15 Marina Club is the perfect place to experience the best of Singapore’s yachting lifestyle. This Yacht club is home to many private Yacht rentals in Singapore.

One Degree 15 Marina at Sentosa cove

Image Credit: One Degree 15 Marina

Marina @ Keppel Bay

Developed as a world-class berthing dock for international luxury yachts, historic and privately owned Keppel Island becomes a worthy entrance to Singapore’s most exclusive venues and indulgent living. With a dining catalogue to satiate the most discerning tastebuds and charter yacht fleets offering a slice of the affluent lifestyle, Marina at Keppel Bay is one of the most sought-after waterfront lifestyle experiences in Singapore’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Marina @ Keppel Bay is a popular choice for yachters seeking a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Situated at the necklace of Singapore’s premiere entertainment and retail hubs like Resorts World Sentosa and VivoCity, Marina at Keppel Bay shines as the crown jewel of the island’s southern shores. This marina offers stunning waterfront views, pristine sailing conditions, and easy access to the city center.

Marina @ Keppel Bay boasts spacious berths, modern amenities, and a variety of dining and entertainment options. The marina is also home to a vibrant community of yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts, making it the perfect place to socialize and network. It’s a place for many private Yacht Charters that set sail to Singapore Southern islands.

Marina at Keppel Bay

Image Credit: Marina @ Keppel Bay

Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a sanctuary for yachters seeking a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Situated in Tuas, this marina offers an expansive array of facilities, including spacious berths, yacht charters, and powerboat training.

Raffles Marina’s lush green surroundings and calm waters provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and camaraderie among members. The marina also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, offers Dining, Breakwater fishing, sea sports and water sports making it a vibrant and welcoming community for yachters of all ages and interests.

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)

The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) is a prestigious institution that has been promoting yachting and water sports in Singapore since 1912. Located on the western shore of Singapore, RSYC offers a distinctive maritime experience steeped in tradition.

The club features a picturesque marina, a variety of dining options, and waterfront restaurants that provide stunning sunset views. RSYC’s commitment to promoting water sports and hosting international events makes it a hub for competitive sailors and leisure seekers alike.

RSYC is the oldest yacht club in Singapore, and it has a long and storied history. The club is home to a variety of sailing trophies and awards, and it has produced many of Singapore’s top sailors.

Republic of Singapore Yacht club(RYSC)

Image Credit: RYSC

SAF Yacht Club

SAF Yacht Club is a sailing and marina club in Singapore that provides comprehensive sea-sports activities, yachting and boating pleasures to outdoor enthusiasts as well as event spaces for any occasions.

Located in Sembawang, the SAF Yacht Club caters to both civilian and military members, offering a unique blend of maritime passion and camaraderie. This club is known for its friendly atmosphere and affordable membership options, making it an accessible choice for sailing enthusiasts.

The marina is equipped with modern facilities and offers a range of water-related activities, from sailing courses to fishing excursions. The SAF Yacht Club is also home to a variety of restaurants and bars, making it a great place to socialize and unwind after a day on the water.

SAF Yacht Club

Image Credit: SAF Yacht club

Marina Country Club (Punggol)

Marina Country Club in Punggol is a perfect choice for families and leisure seekers looking for a tranquil escape from the city’s fast pace. This marina offers a serene environment with expansive views of the water, making it an idyllic spot for relaxation and leisurely strolls along the boardwalk.

The club also hosts various recreational activities, including fishing, bowling, and even karaoke, making it a family-friendly destination. Marina Country Club in Punggol is also home to a variety of restaurants and bars, making it a great place to enjoy a delicious meal or refreshing drink after a day of fun in the sun.


There are few other Yacht clubs in Singapore, but the above are popular Marinas for Yacht rentals in Singapore. Singapore’s marinas offer a unique experience for every yachting enthusiast, whether you’re seeking luxury, natural beauty, or a family-friendly getaway. With so many options to choose from whether you are looking for a Yacht charter to cruise with family and friends or want to drive wide variety of powerful bareboats on your own, you’re sure to find the perfect marinas in Singapore. For more information on Yacht Charter process, you may refer to our complete guide for Yacht Rentals in Singapore.